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Match 2 against #16 Mary Washington

On Saturday afternoon rain forced the match indoors against #16 Mary Washington. In the huddle before the match the team went over the things that won us the last two matches, controlling the things we can control. “We are going to control our attitude, our feet, and our fight on every ball.” 

At #1 doubles Matt and Rob went after their serves and returned big through the middle. They played with lots of energy and won their fourth straight match 8-3. At #2 Timmy and Pierre hit bomb serves and put incessant pressure on their opponents in an 8-2 win. At #3 Peter and Kyle continued to gel as both hit huge serves to set up the others volley. On return games they crushed the ball through the middle on the service line and then attacked the net together in the 8-5 win and doubles sweep. 

In singles the Bobcats stayed in the same mode and brought the energy and fight on every court. At #1 Timmy dictated play with his serve and forehand in the 6-3 6-3 win over Sam Wichlin, on of the top players in the region. 

At #2 Matt played Alex Blakhin, who had won 9 of his last 10 matches. But Matt has been on fire, and executed his game plan perfectly. Isolating his Blakhin on one side Matt was able to attack the open court and never gave his opponent anything, working hard for every ball in the 6-1 6-1 match,

At #3 Rob played the Atlantic Souths #8 ranked player in Evan Charles. Rob played aggressive and heavy, he attacked on every short ball and gave his opponent no hope in the 6-3 6-4 win.

At #5 things started to click for Pierre. Picking up right where he left off in the Washington College match, he hit the ball big and heavy directionally, then attacked with safe targets to the open court. His rally ball is getting very heavy and he didn’t take any points off in his 6-3 6-2 win. 

It was another great day for the Bobcats as we continue to build with every match. We fought hard at all 9 spots for every ball, for each other, and things went our way on the score cards. If we can keep bringing this level of energy and fight, the Bobcats will be a very tough out for any team to play.


Men’s Trip to Baltimore, Match 1 vs Washington (Md) College

This past weekend the Bobcats went to Baltimore for the second straight year to play some teams from the Atlantic South Region. The first match of the weekend was Friday afternoon in against the Washington College Shoremen.

Coming off a strong performance against #28 MIT, the Bobcats brought the same energy to the doubles. At #1 Matt and Rob got the first point winning 8-3, returning well and playing very aggressive at the net. At #2 Timmy and Pierre brought their serves and crushed returns at their opponents feet for the 8-4 win. At #3 Peter and Kyle won their second match together. They hit a combined 9 aces as they bombed in serves after getting an early break to take the match 8-4 and give the Bobcats a 3-0 lead.

At #1 Timmy had a battle against Kevin Papen, At the end of a long 5-3 game Papen hit a drop shot to take the set 6-3. In the second set Timmy fought back, hitting the ball deeper and heavier, and then attacking the open court. Timmy took the set 6-4 and evened the match. In the third set both players held the first six games with Papen playing tough and Berg serving big. At 3-3 Timmy got the break and didn’t look back from there. Papen held one more time but Timmy continued to bring his serve and dictate with his forehand in the 3-6 6-4 6-4 win. 

At #2, Matt quickly figured out a winning strategy and  executed it perfectly. Hitting the ball high and heavy to his opponents backhand, Matt pinned him in a a corner before attacking the open court taking the match 6-1 6-3.

At #3 Rob served big and stayed in an offensive mindset, always looking for a chance to come forward. He chose his spots well and won 6-0 6-1. 

Like Timmy, Jeff had a long first set not go his way as he fought but came up short 6-4. He never hung his head and continued to attack, closing the net tightly and fighting his best for every ball. He evened things up as he bounced back with a 6-2 second set. For the third-set they played a super tie-breaker. Jeff quickly found himself in a hole down 4-1 as his opponent hit some big serves. But Jeff never counted himself out of it and put continuous pressure on his opponent, forcing him to come up with a big shot. Jeff got a match point and ripped a serve return back for the win 4-6 6-2 10-8. 

At #5 Pierre stuck to his game plan the whole time. Similar to Rob, he would bring his serve, then hit big and heavy directionally, always looking for the chance to move forward and attack the net. Pierre took the first set 6-2. At this point the crowd was getting big as students were just finishing up their classes for the week and coming over for the match. The extra support seemed to help as Pierre’s opponent came up with some big shots to get out to an early 3-0 lead.But Pierre fought back and continued to rip the ball, hitting his opponent off the court and then angling volleys into the open space. He won 6 of the next 7 games to take the match 6-2 6-4. 

At #6 Kyle DeSisto beat Kyle Lisco 6-1 6-0. Kyle stood tall and used athleticism to run down every ball as he out gritted his opponent. Overall it was a great day for the Bobcats. We brought high energy and improved in every match in this 9-0 victory and second straight win.

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