Women’s Match at Babson

On Wednesday the Bobcats made the trip to Babson for what was sure to be tough match. Our last few matches with them have been 5-plus hours and this time would be no different in a very hard fought match. Both teams came ready to play and the doubles was high intensity from the beginning. Babson got off to a hot start and was up 6-4 at #1 doubles, 7-2 at #2, and 7-4 at #3. It looked like we could be in a 3-0 hole heading into singles but the Cats kept their composure. Nobody got down on themselves and the women had fun fighting for every ball, running and competing as hard as they could for their teammates. It worked. At #1 Meg and Ellie gritted out 4 straight games and the first point of the team match 8-4. At #2 Nicole and Ashley won 6 straight games to make it 8-7 before the Beavers held and pushed the match to a tie-breaker. At #3 Lucy and Jacqui erased their 7-4 deficit and also pushed their set to a tie-breaker. At #2 and #3 we really competed well to get back into the match and were able to win the tie-breaker at #3 7-5 to give the Bobcats the lead 2-1 heading into singles.

In the team talk after doubles and before singles there was a new energy in the air. The comebacks at all 3 spots and fight the women had put into the match had given them a new level of confidence. We were competing as a team the best we have all year, and having fun doing it.

At #1 singles Ellie put the Bobcats up 3-1 with a 6-1 6-4 win before Babson tightened up the match winning at #2 and #3 in two very close matches. Lucy Brennan broke the tie by winning at #6 6-1 6-0 in a great performance. She executed her game plan by attacking the net, mixing up short chips with driving approach shots to finish points off with a soft volley to the open court. Up 4-3 there were two matches left both in third sets. At #5 Audrey Grauer took on Beaver Monica Mercer in a 3 hour 45 minute match. The experienced Beaver was able to take the first set 7-6 (7-5) from the first-year. In the second set Audrey fought back and did a great job attacking the net and her aggressive play earned her a 6-4 second set. In the third set Audrey battled not only her opponent but also the sunset as the match wore on. Every game went to deuce and the rallies seemed to be never ending as both players tested the others will power and patience. In the end the seasoned veteran took the third set 6-4 but Audrey did fought her best and it was just the difference of a couple points.

With the match tied at 4-4 Erika Blauth was in a third set battle of her own against first-year stand out Minte Tamoshunas. Erika had taken the first set 6-4 by dictating with her forehand and crushing the ball through the middle. In the second set Minte was a little more consistent and was able to force a third set winning the second 6-4. In the third set Erika did everything we could have asked of her. She stayed positive after dropping the second set and continued to fight for every ball. She rose the level of her game and while she continued to crush her forehand, was also patient when attacking the net and chose her spots better. She executed flawlessly and the captain lead by example, winning the third set 6-2 and sealing the match for the Bobcats who improve to 5-3 on the year.


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