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cats train hard during feb break

Last week both the men’s and women’s teams decided to stay in Maine for the start of their seasons. In the past several years the Cats have headed south to Florida to train, but knew they could work just as hard staying on campus. On Monday and Friday of the week they headed down to Portland to get some hitting in since the courts in Merrill weren’t available, the rest of the time they spent doing double hitting sessions at Bates. It was a tough week, physically and mentally, but everyone ended the week knowing they had improved. The coaches could really see how much the off-season training was paying off, as many players were almost in mid-season form. The double hitting sessions were spent letting each player find their groove, as well as figuring out possible double’s pairings. The Cats also played matches against each other to get ready for their dual matches against several region opponents.  All in all it was a great week of tennis and should prepare the Cats well for their upcoming contests against USM and MIT for the men, and Mt. Holyoke and Smith for the women.

Of course February break isn’t all about tennis. The women got together and did a number of night activities. One night they went to Jean’s house in Falmouth for a home cooked dinner with her parents. Another night was spent tie-dying shirts, even though I’m not too sure how they came out. Every night for both teams was spent with long team dinners in Commons, enjoying the fact that there was no hurry to get to the library or to crack open a book. On Friday night, while down in Portland, the Cats went out to a dinner at a great hibachi restaurant, Fuji. For some it was there first time at one of these most entertaining dining experiences, for others they knew what to expect as the chefs came out to work their artistry on the grill. As always, the meal was filled with lots of laughs, great food, and a few high rising flames from the grill. It was a great way to end the week of hard work and as the Cats drove back to Bates on Friday night, they could already tell this was going to be a great season.


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