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Meet the bobcats- ashley brunk


1. Where are you from and where did you go to high school?

I’m from Phoenix, Arizona, and I went to Shadow Mountain High School.

2. Why did you choose Bates over the other schools you were looking at?

As far as the schools I applied to, Bates was definitely the strongest academically. I attended Prologue to Bates last November, and sitting in on classes, living in a house, and getting a taste of campus life really solidified Bates as my top choice.

3. Where is the coolest place you have traveled to and where do you want to visit next?

When I was 5, my parents and I went to Seoul, South Korea. We definitely got to experience a different culture, and I remember being really surprised that everyone we passed on the street looked like me. I really want to visit Australia. My dad has been there for business, and he says there’s lots to see.

4. Do you prefer crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

I’m definitely a fan of crunchy peanut butter.

5. Favorite sport to watch on TV?

I really get into watching NBA games. I support the Phoenix Suns, and I love watching Barbosa play.

6. What is the best book you have read in the last two years?

I’ll probably think of a better one later, but I’m reading “A Hope in the Unseen” for my education class. It’s really interesting, and I enjoy reading it.

7. What’s your favorite class this semester and what do you plan to major in?

My favorite class this semester is Perspectives in Education. We get to read some interesting books (a.k.a. “A Hope in the Unseen”), and I get to work in a kindergarten classroom. The kids are adorable and I love observing their class.

8. What is your favorite Commons meal?

Sesame nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, mixed veggies (whatever’s offered), and
strawberry frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles.

9. What would your dream job be and why?

My dream job is to be a professional writer, and I think being a travel writer would
be amazing. What could be better than going to exotic places and getting paid for it?

10. If you could have any animal as your pet, what would be and why?

I’m very happy with my dog, Fluffy. He’s half poodle, half bichon. I miss him a lot.

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