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Meg and Ryan Mix it up against Cohasset


All our players understand that summer is an important time to train hard and spend as much time on the court as they can. Another good thing about summer is the chance to play in tournaments that have a little less pressure than a dual match in the middle of the season. Meg and Ryan had a chance to play in one such tournament a few weekends ago in Connecticut. Here is a summary by Ryan, who will be a senior this year,  with pictures from Meg’s dad:

Meg and I played in the Cohasset Town Charity Tournament. It was a round robin mixed doubles tourney, where the matches actually took place at people’s houses on the water throughout Cohasset. Meg had played last year with a partner in the A flight and got to the semis so we wanted to better that this year. We were in the second A flight and played 3- 8 game pro sets on Saturday. The first one we came out excited and nervous since all the Cohasset moms were wondering who these two college kids were and how good they were, but we ended up beating out another college guy and woman 8-6 after being down a break early and then getting it back before breaking at 6-6. After calming down, we started to put a lot more balls in play and the second match was some good mixed doubs against the team that finished second in our pool. After going up 4-0 we ended up winning that one 8-5. Then, after a re-energizing lunch we beat our last opponent 8-4.


Relieved to go onto the next day and be able to make it to the finals with one more win we were treated to an excellent homecooked dinner by Nick and Kathy Anderson with family and friends. Waking up early the next day our semi-final match seemed easy as we stepped on the gas pedal and never let off just like Coach Gastonguay would want to see. We ended up winning the first 7 games in route to a 6-0, 6-3 win, setting us up to play an All-American player who graduated from Notre Dame and her partner. Unfortunately, we never could get things going in the match and ended up losing 6-1, 6-1 but luckily were still rewarded with our own cheese cutting set from the town.



Overall, for both Meg and myself, it was one of the most enjoyable weekends of the summer being able to play with each other and got us psyched to play the following weekend in Jeff’s tourney and get back up to campus to really get things going again.


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