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short term with the cats

Most of the students here at Bates are now enjoying what is called Short Term. The Bates website describes it as this: Short Term provides an unusual opportunity for a variety of educational programs, frequently off campus, that cannot be offered in the regular semesters. These include marine biological studies at stations on the coast of Maine; geology fieldwork in the American Southwest, Hawaii, Canada, and Scotland; and art, theater, and music studies in New York City and Europe. The spring term allows time for archeological investigations by students in history and anthropology; field projects for students in economics, sociology, and psychology; and social-service internships associated with academic departments and programs. It provides special opportunities, on and off campus, for those carrying out laboratory experiments in the natural sciences.











With most students having a little more time on their hands, they find all sorts of things to get into. Many of the Cats are getting to spend some time on the tennis courts at the Wallach Center now that they weather is great. A couple of the guys are helping get Ben and Amrit ready for nationals. But tennis isn’t all the Cats do now that Short Term is here. Last week, Sam, Caryn, Sherman, and Max traveled out to Sabattus, ME to do a little disc golfing. If you are unfamiliar with the game, it is scored just like regular golf, but you throw a disc into a basket rather than hitting a ball into a hole. It is a little easier to master than regular golf, and the dress code is a much more lenient. It was a nice sunny afternoon out on the course, and everyone had a great time seeing how far these discs would fly. After 18 holes, Sam left the winner with Max and Sherman behind him. Caryn finished fourth, but played great for her first time out.













As anyone on the team would tell you, being apart of Bates Tennis isn’t all about tennis, traveling to matches, and trying to find the best local restaurant, it’s mainly about spending time and having fun with your friends. Now that Short Term is in full force, there is certainly more time for fun. 



meet the bobcats-ben stein


1. Where are you from and where did you go to high school?   

Pelham New York, Pelham High School

2. What is your major and what was your favorite class you took at Bates?

History, favorite class was The Binding of Isaac taught by Professor Caspi

3. What are your plans for after graduation?

Post Graduation plans are tbd, hopefully I will be in NYC

4. What was your favorite memory of this season?

Coming from behind to beat Spencer Feldman from Trinity 7-5 in the third set.

5. What was your most memorable match of your career?

Most Memorable match is probably Amrit and my doubles win over Wash U in the National 
Quarterfinals last year

6. Any advice to the teammates you are leaving behind at Bates?

Work Hard–Luck is the residue of hard work

7. What is the song getting the most play time on your ipod right now?

Kid Cudi–Embrace the Marshan

8. What is your favorite Commons meal?

General Tsao’s Chicken, its delicious

9. What will you miss most about being on the Bates Tennis team?

The long trips to away matches, that is where most of the team bonding takes place

10. Describe your Bates experience in one sentence or less?

It was money

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