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1. Where are you from and where did you go to high school?

I’m from Long Island, NY and went to Huntington High School.

2. What is your major and what was your favorite class you took at Bates?

My major is Political Science, and my favorite class I’ve taken at Bates was Ethnicity and Conflict with Professor Richter.

3. What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation I’m hoping to be employed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  however this is top secret information. If this doesn’t work out, I will likely become  assistant to the Head Tennis Pro of the Huntington Country Club, fellow classmate Mike Sherman.

4. What was your favorite memory of this season?

My favorite memory of this season was definitely yelling down 3 courts at the top of my lungs at Sherman to cheer louder during our mixed doubles tournament in Tampa, Florida.

5. What was your most memorable match of your career?

The most memorable match of my career was my sophomore year, playing Bowdoin’s number 1, Kristen Raymond, at home and beating her 6-4, 6-4.  It always feels good to kick a little polar bear butt.

6. Any advice to the teammates you are leaving behind at Bates?

For my beloved teammates I will leave behind, never forget the hard work you’ve put in this year and how much you’ve improved. Remember this to pick up where we left off this season. Always remember to fight your hardest, look down the courts and fight for each other and, of course, have fun. I love you all and will miss you more than I can say. Thank you for making my last year at Bates one I will NEVER forget!

7. What is the song getting the most play time on your ipod right now?

The song getting the most play on my ipod right now would have to be “Lights and Music” by Cut Copy.

8. What is your favorite Commons meal?

My favorite Commons meal is a bowl of Kashi and yogurt- always available, always delicious. (Organic peanut butter and banana come in a close second)

9. What will you miss most about being on the Bates Tennis team?

Without a doubt I will miss the amazing chemistry between the women’s and men’s teams and all of the moments we get to share together. You all have made Bates all the more special and I am sure that life will not be the same without such a large support system who I am lucky to have as teammates, and more importantly, friends.

10. Describe your Bates experience in one sentence or less?

My Bates experience can be summed up as follows: Exciting and fulfilling times with unbelievably special people, though incredibly difficult at times, all the more rewarding because of the people I have gotten to share my life here at Bates with.

May 2009


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