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Tampa- Day 5

It is said that Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, well the Cats decided to take it a day early. Unlike the normal wave of players coming down the stairs for breakfast early in the morning on practice days, it was more like a slow drip this morning as one by one each player made their way to see what they could find in the fridge to start the day. With most of the week being focused on the athlete part of “student-athlete,” much of this day was devoted to the student half. Although the heads were buried inside books, papers, and problem sets, everyone found a way to enjoy another sunny, clear day knowing we only have a few left.











It is always easier to study outside, or even between dips in the pool. Late in the morning most of the Cats could be found sunning themselves next to the pool, half studying, half watching Sherman dodge the pool cleaning machine during his daily laps. After lunch it was time to add some sand to the sun as we headed to the beach in Clearwater. The water certainly was clear, but a little too cold to swim in, so relaxing on the beach would have to do. Restlessness sat in after a few hours in the sun and we decided to explore the local shops. What we came upon was certainly unexpected, yet so simple. It could be described as tasty, delicious, even heavenly. But what truly best described what was found in a small bakery this afternoon was challenging.











This was not just an ordinary chocolate chip cookie; this was a half-pound masterpiece. Yes, a half-pound cookie meant for a few people as a scrumptious dessert. Three of these cookies found their way back to our house, but they had no intention of being shared amongst the team. They were meant to test the team’s most accomplished competitive eater. Sam, who usually specializes in dominating burger challenges, found a daunting dessert task ahead of him. He would have to eat the monster of all ice cream sandwiches, three half-pound chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in between each. Sam had plenty of people willing to help him through this journey, but after a valiant effort for almost an hour he could no longer continue through the maze of sugar and sweets, leaving just a few crumbs on the plate.









A day off the courts should hopefully re-energize the team to work hard for the two days we have left here. Tonight’s dessert challenge might not have been a team effort, but the success of this season certainly will be. The journey starts back again tomorrow morning, and Sam will have the rest of the Cats to share it with this time. 

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